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Image Achievement Description How to Unlock Notes
Ach_FreshFarmer.jpg Fresh Farmer Deliver your farm registration letter to the mayor You'll get this pretty quickly just by following the tutorial quest line. Triggers when you turn your registration letter in to Maximilian. Can only be done in single player.
Ach_Whatisit.jpg What is it? Harvest Star Jelly Find a white, star-shaped item on the side of a tree. Click to harvest one and you'll get this achievement.
Ach_Fashionista.jpg Fashionista Use a wardrobe to change your outfit! Unlocked by changing your outfit. You can either buy a new outfit and change at a wardrobe. Or just go to your wardrobe and take off an item of clothing and put it back on.
Ach_LootBox.jpg Loot Box Loot a forest treasure chest In the forest areas you can find small treasure chests hiding amongst the flowers. They'll net you a few petals as well as this achievement.
Ach_Pitcher.jpg Pitcher Throw a ball Items such as snowballs, hockey balls, and cow splat can be thrown by left clicking while selected.
Ach_WorldCup.jpg World Cup Sweep a ball You'll need to purchase a broom from the Shipping catalog, and then sweep an item that's considered a ball, such as whatever you used to get the Pitcher achievement.
Ach_MidasTouch.jpg Midas Touch Reap a Gold Seed You just need to obtain a golden seed for this to trigger. You can use a Reaper and put in crops to get back seeds. Occasionally this will be a golden seed. Your pet might also bring you a golden seed as a gift. Name is a reference to King Midas, remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold.
Ach_BugHunter.jpg Bug Hunter Catch 100 Bugs Pick up a Bug Net from Leif's store for a few petals, and go around catching Bugs
Ach_MasterFisher.jpg Master Fisher Catch 100 Fish Once you've assembled the Dock for Riah, she'll give you a Fishing Rod and you can go catch Fish to trigger this achievement.
Ach_Horticulturalist.jpg Horticulturalist Find 100 Mixed Seeds You'll need to purchase a Syche from the Grocery Store for this. Using the Scythe on flowers or grass will occasionally net you some Mixed Seeds.
Ach_Beachcomber.jpg Beachcomber Gather 100 Shells Head out in any direction to the beach. There will be shells, starfish, and all sorts of items littered across the beach. Pick up 100 of them and you'll get this achievement.
Ach_Ihopethatsedible.jpg I hope that's edible Gather 100 Mushrooms While going about your business you'll start finding mushrooms laying about. Red and White ones, Brown ones, and smaller white ones. These seem to most often come up when it rains. There's also a ton of glowing mushrooms down in the mines.
Ach_CalciumKid.jpg Calcium Kid Milk a Cow 100 times Once you build a barn, Maximilian will give you two cows. Purchase a Milker from the Grocery Store to be able to milk them. You'll need to keep your cows fed, and each cow can only be milked once a day.
Ach_OutbackShepherd.jpg Outback Shepherd Shear a Sheep 100 times Like the Milking achievement, but this time you'll need to purchase your own Sheep for 10k petals, as well as pick up some Shears.
Ach_Lumberjack.jpg Lumberjack Chop 1000 Raw Wood Basically, go around chopping down trees until you get this. If you take out the base of the tree, the entirety of the tree will come down as well, making this much quicker.
Ach_GreatEscape.jpg Great Escape Mine 1000 Raw Stone Buy yourself a Pickaxe, then just dig up a bit of dirt, or go find a pile of stone. You can go as deep as you'd like and quickly harvest a ton of Raw Stone.
Ach_LetitGrow.jpg Let it Grow Plant 1000 Seeds This will come pretty naturally if you've been planting seeds and growing crops. Will probably take you several seasons, though.
Ach_Aristaeus.jpg Aristaeus Catch one of every bug You'll need to track down and catch at least one of every Bug. Picking up a bug that someone else has caught also seems to count towards this. Find a friend who keeps a bug collection and this will be easier than you think. Aristaeus was a minor Greek god credited with the discovery of many useful arts, including bee-keeping
Ach_Poseidon.jpg Poseidon Catch one of every fish Similar to Aristaeus, you'll need to catch one of every Fish for this achievement. Some can only be found in lakes, and others only in the ocean. Weather and time of day is supposed to affect what fish you can catch as well. Poseidon was the Greek god of the sea
Ach_SoupChef.jpg Soup Chef Cook one of each Soup You'll need to Cook one of each soup
Ach_LetsJam.jpg Let's Jam Cook one of each Preserve You'll need to Cook one of each preserve
Ach_EmiliasProtege.jpg Emilia's Protege Bake one of each Cake You'll need to Cook one of each Cake
Ach_Pi.jpg 3.1415926... Bake one of each Pie You'll need to Cook one of each Pie