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In order to start fishing you need to obtain a Fishing Rod. The most common way is to complete a building quest for Riah. Upon completion of her ideal fishing spot, she gives you a Fishing Rod. You can also purchase one from the Catalog.

Once you have a Fishing Rod, it's as simple as walking up to a body of water (Lakes scattered throughout the island, or the Ocean.) and clicking on the water while the Fishing Rod is equipped.

The game will prompt you to press a combination of numbers. The easier ones are simply the numbers 1-4 in sequence. More difficult to catch fish may have you press two numbers at once.

It's a fairly simple process, but can take getting used to. Keep at it and you'll be completing the Fish catalog in no time.

List of Fish

Name Image Selling Value Where and When
Location Time
Angel Fish Fish Angelfish.png 24 Petals.png Ocean
Red Snapper Fish RedSnapper.png 39 Petals.png Ocean
Ribbon eel Fish RibbonEel.png 42 Petals.png Ocean
Seahorse Seahorse.png 42 Petals.png Ocean
Shrimp Shrimp.png 42 Petals.png Ocean
Squid Squid.png 24 Petals.png Ocean
Stingray Fish Stingray.png 48 Petals.png Ocean
Tadpole Tadpole.png 12 Petals.png Lake
Rainbow Trout Fish RainbowTrout.png 18 Petals.png Ocean
Yellow Perch Fish YellowPerch.png 33 Petals.png Ocean
Apple Core Apple core.png 1 Petals.png Anywhere Anytime
Empty Bottle Empty bottle.png 1 Petals.png Anywhere Anytime
Garbage Shell Garbage shell.png 1 Petals.png Anywhere Anytime
Garbage Tin Can Garbage tin can.png 1 Petals.png Anywhere Anytime
Garbage Twig GarbageTwig.png 1 Petals.png Anywhere Anytime
Plastic Rings PlasticRings.png 1 Petals.png Anywhere Anytime
Rusted Key RustedKey.png 1 Petals.png Anywhere Anytime
Algae Algae.png 1 Petals.png Anywhere Anytime
Puffer Fish Puffer fish.png 32 Petals.png Ocean
Salmon Fish Salmon.png 42 Petals.png Ocean
Octopus Octopus.png 60 Petals.png Ocean
Black Bass Fish BlackBass.png 27 Petals.png Ocean
Blowfish Fish Blowfish.png 30 Petals.png Ocean
Blue Lobster BlueLobster.png 90 Petals.png Ocean Night
Blue Tang Fish BlueTang.png 42 Petals.png Ocean
Butterfly Fish Fish ButterflyFish.png 42 Petals.png Ocean
Clown Fish Clown fish.png 27 Petals.png Anywhere
Popeyed Goldfish Popeyed goldfish.png 24 Petals.png Lake
Dab Fish Dab.png 24 Petals.png Ocean
Crab Crab.png 36 Petals.png Anywhere
Lobster Lobster.png 60 Petals.png Ocean
Neon Tetra Neon tetra.png 30 Petals.png Lake Day
Betta Fish Betta fish.png 30 Petals.png Lake
Football Fish Fish FootballFish.png 66 Petals.png Ocean
Frog Frog.png 18 Petals.png Lake Day
Goldfish Goldfish.png 15 Petals.png Lake Day
Jellyfish Jellyfish.png 24 Petals.png Ocean
Eel Eel.png 30 Petals.png Ocean
Snowdust Koi Koi.png 82 Petals.png Festival Center Winter Festival
Golden Snowdust Koi GoldenKoi.png 90 Petals.png Festival Center Winter Festival