A sweeter village Quest

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Starting out
Quest Giver 
build Emilia's Home
the quest Sweet dreams


Maximilian will tell you someone wants to move to the village, and give you Emilia's Postbox, the marker for her house. When you've completed the requirements, inform Maximilian. The next day, you'll receive a letter from Emilia. When you talk to her, she asks you to build a patisserie for her so that she can resume her baking career, giving you the Patisserie Sign and the quest Sweet dreams.

Journal and Mail

Bestowal Dialogue


Looks like someone new wants to move in!

Stick this postbox somewhere and use it to build a house!

Once it's built, they'll move in the next day!

Turn-In Dialogue


Excellent work (yourname)!

Now that their new home is complete, a new villager should move in within a day or two!

I'm sure they'll have something special for you when they arrive!

Emilia's Letter

Hello (yourname)!

I heard about you from Max! He told me you went through a lot of trouble building me a beautiful little house and I can't wait to see it! I hope we can become great friends and that I can manage to bring out the village's sweet tooth!

See you soon!


Building Requirements

Quantity Item
1 or more Roof (Any blocks)
1 Bed
2 Door
1 Table
2 Lamp
1 Wardrobe
2 Chair
1 Fridge
2 Counter
1 Sofa
1 Clawfoot Bathtub
1 Bathroom Sink
1 Toilet
1 Simply Stylish Kitchen Sink