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Quest Giver 
Farm Fan
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Sap, Beet, Hoe, Watering Can, Hammer, Pet House, Food Bowl, Farming License

Walkthrough and Quotes

Greet Farm Fan.

Farm Fan

You're a new face - we don't get many of those around here!

You must be (yourname).

On behalf of all of us here in Staxel, welcome!

I'm Farm Fan by the way!

I've been sent to make sure you know how to take care of the farm properly!

That was you right? The one taking over the old farm?

Click on an option to choose it. Assuming you agree that it was you, Farm Fan continues,

Farm Fan

Excellent! Just as I thought!

So are you ready to learn a bit about farming?

I can show you around the village and evaluate your skills.

We need to make sure you know what you're doing!

Then we can give you a farming license!

Sound good?

Agree that it does.

Farm Fan

Glad to hear it!

First, I'll take you on a brief tour of the village.

Then we'll head over to the farm.

Hopefully it'll quickly start to feel familiar!

Oh, and if you manage to get lost, you can check your map anytime!

The map is by default triggered with the 'm' key. You can continue to move while looking at the map.

Follow Farm Fan to the Tavern.

Farm Fan

This is the local tavern.

It's a pretty nice place to hang out after a long day of work!

Rowan, the owner, can be a good source of local rumours.

You should head on in and talk to him - I think he has something for you!

I'll be waiting right here.

Rowan will greet you and give you a mug of sap. Head back out to Farm Fan.

Farm Fan

Next up, let's head to the supermarket!

The supermarket sells many of the items you'll need on a daily basis.

There's things like pet food, seeds, tools, and other handy items!

While you were busy chatting with Rowan I popped over to the merchants.

They're just on the other side of the town square.

They don't just sell wares, they'll buy things off you too!

You just need to place the item on the sell spot and click it.

The merchants, also known as the Murmurs, are the hooded people with wagons. They're not actually necessarily across the square from you when Farm Fan tells you this -- town layouts seem to differ slightly from world to world -- but they'll be near it.

Farm Fan gives you a packet of Beet Root Seeds. (I think it was beets.)

Farm Fan

Those seeds should come in handy I think!

We'll need to head to the farm so that you can actually make use of them though!

This might be a good time to memorise the path to and from the village!

Farm Fan leads you to your farm.

Farm Fan

So here it is - your new home!

It might be a bit daunting at first, but you'll settle in.

You're a little ways outside the village compared to the rest of us.

Hopefully your pet should keep you from feeling too lonely once it arrives!

If not, we're just down the road and always happy to chat.

Perhaps we should start by heading out to the fields?

You can hoe grass to create tilled soil to plant seeds.

If you hold down the button, you can charge to till a larger area!

Give it a shot and plant the seeds I gave you earlier.

If you lost them, you can buy some more from one of the merchants!

Plant the seeds. Time does not pass at this point, so you can clean up the farm a bit, if you like. When you're ready, talk to Farm Fan again.

Farm Fan

Good job!

Here's a little something to celebrate your success!

She gives you the watering can.

Farm Fan

You can use the watering can to water your crops.

If you don't water them every day, they'll start to wither.

Withered crops won't grow!

Go on, give it a shot!

You can water your seed by clicking on it or the tile in which you planted it. You don't need to water on rainy days. If a plant goes unwatered for a day, the next day, it will look a bit withered, and its maturation will be delayed a day. If you then water it the next day, it will still look withered until the day after that.

Farm Fan

Looks like you've got the hang of it!

Here, another reward.

(I don't remember what she gives you here, and the Journal doesn't say.)

Farm Fan


I think it's going to take quite a while for the crop to grow...

In fact, I'm already starting to feel a bit thirsty!

Could you take this note to Rowan and bring me back something to drink?

Might be good to see if he has any tasks for you while you're at it!

I'll be waiting right here when you get back!

Return to the Tavern and do Rowan's quest, Rowan's parcel, then go back to Farm Fan at your farm.

Farm Fan

Hm? So where's my sap?

You don't have it?!

Rowan assured you that this was all you needed?!


By the way... is... is that letter for me?

Let me just take it off you.


Well now... he didn't have to be so blunt about it.

Oh well. Nothing for it I guess...

You're lucky I'm a kind-hearted person or I might have withheld your pet in retaliation!

There you go!

Farm Fan gives you the Pet House and the food bowl.

Farm Fan

I suppose I should teach you how to properly place the pet house too!

A hammer might be useful here just in case you place it incorrectly and want to adjust!

You can place the pet house in a similar way to using a tool.

If you hold down the button, you can rotate to get it to face the way you want before placing!

Go on, try it out!

She gives you the Hammer.

Placing the pet house will enable the pet you chose to appear and move around near its house. The little platform attached to the side of the pet house is where your pet will place gifts for you to pick up. Talk to Farm Fan when the pet house is placed to your liking.

Farm Fan

Ah! Good job!

Are you sure you're happy with that rotation?

Remember, if you change your mind, you can use the hammer to break it!

The pet will be safely stored until you place it again!

If you hold down the button while placing, you can rotate it first!

Your pet is going to get hungry pretty quickly by the way.

I think it might be a good idea to stock up on some pet food when you can.

The supermarket sells many of the things you need for everyday life.

I'd check there.

For now, you can place the bowl you got earlier and fill that.

Let me know once it's done!

Place the bowl, then click on it with the food to fill it. The bowl holds five days' worth of food. You can check how much food is left by clicking on it. Talk to Farm Fan.

Farm Fan

Great! Now your pet should be good for a while!


You know what? I'm tired of waiting on that crop...

I imagine you're also getting a bit tired of looking at me by now.

You see that jar of water I just gave you?

This is no standard tap water!

Magic Water will grow any crop instantly! Cool huh?

Some merchants might sell it so keep an eye out. It's pretty rare and expensive though!

Pour it over that crop you just planted and get to harvesting!

Do that, and talk to Farm Fan again.

Farm Fan

You did it! Not as hard as it sounds is it?

The time has finally come to give you your Farm Registration Letter!

You should head to the town hall to file it with Max as soon as possible.

In exchange you'll get a special package to help jump start your farm!

As for me, I think it's about time I get out of your way.

You can always look me up in town!

Good luck!

Farm Fan departs. She can generally be found in the Tavern. Speak to her occasionally; she gives the rewards for your in-game Achievements.