Water Crop Component

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Category:Component Modding are all optional properties that can be added to any file. Components are useful in extending the original files with even more information, such as the cost of the item or whether the block can be broken by a weapon.

On this page, we go over the Water Crop component, signified by the following;

"waterCrop": {
  "quantity" : 1

Water Crop components are one of the components that are related to Achievements. This component is for any achievement that wants to track how many crops were watered.

When and How to use

Water Crop components are used whenever you want an Achievement that want to track the number of watered crops.

To start off with first, you should create an Achievement. Once that is done, you can add the following below the last property of the file;

"waterCrop" : {
  "quantity" : 1

There is only one property which is #"quantity", which is how many tiles need to be watered before this achievement will succeed. With that, your achievement will now track how many tiles you need to water.

Config Options

All config options must be inside the body of;

"waterCrop" : {


Valid options (Integer): A positive integer number

Default Value: No default value is specified. Always need to provide your own.

This is the amount of tiles that is needed to be watered before this achievement will succeed.