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Virtual reality office

An office and co-working space in VR.


Save the world by letting people live and work wherever they want together. (as long as the internet is good)


VRO : short name for the whole thing.

Client: computer, headset and other peripherals used to enter the vro

Server: central servers that multiple clients and workstations connect to.

Workstation: computer that is being captured and made available in the vro

Scene: virtual scene containing a hierarchy of component entities

World: scene + avatar

Avatar: representation of the user in vr space.


Workstations are captured using vnc or similar/better.

Workstation screens are sent to the server and from there forwarded to clients that have these screens in view, also lod. These screens are components in the scene. Client can attach to a screen and then control input (mouse/keyboard)

Likely will need to do a shortcut for comfort if the client has the workstation locally.


In world whiteboard and other creative vr (3d) elements. Webcam screens. (optional) Have the client capture/encode the workstation directly for higher quality/low latency. Have workstations in a data-center near the server, not at home. (yay cloud)


Artist build office space. Windows to a beautiful outside. Webcam screen as windows as a view into the real world.

A room with workstation screens and fellow developers. Walk over to someone and collaborate. Show off your work. Watch a movie together.



- resolution
- (general vr risks)


- quality/latency


- network latency