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Category:Component Modding are all optional properties that can be added to any file. Components are useful in extending the original files with even more information, such as the cost of the item or whether the block can be broken by a weapon.

On this page, we go over the Shovel component, signified by the following;

"shovelable": { }

Shovelable components are the compliment to Shovel Items. They are used on Tiles specifically, and are used to specify that Shovel Items can break this tile.

When and How to use

Shovelable components should be used on any tile that you would want broken by an shovel. This is mostly just dirt and similar tiles.

To create this component you would use the following;

"shovelable": { }

There are no additional properties to the Shovelable binding itself. If you want to spawn the tile for the player you will need to use Spawn On Break Component to specify that.

Config Options

There are no additional Configuration Options for this component.

If you want the specific tile broken to spawn when it is broken however, check out Spawn On Break Component.