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Items are fairly broad in their types. Each type has it's own properties and uses.

This page is for items that will act as if they were a Renamer.

Renamers are all items that have the following line;

"kind": "staxel.item.Renamer",

This item renames Farm Animals and Pets.

Renamers, currently, do not have any extra components.

Creating a Renamer Item

Renamers are created in the exact same way as Craft Items. In fact you should follow the guide, Items#How to Make a Normal Item, just replace the "kind" property with "staxel.item.Renamer".

Spawning in a Renamer Item

Follow the guide at Items#How to Spawn an Item. When that guide mentions "kind", make sure to use "staxel.item.Renamer" instead of "staxel.item.CraftItem" else you won't be able to spawn the item.

Config Options

The list of basic properties is included at Items#Config Options.