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Items are fairly broad in their types. Each type has it's own properties and uses.

This page is for items that can teach you a recipe.

Recipe Items are all items that have the following line;

"kind": "staxel.item.Recipe",

Recipe items allow the player to unlock new recipes. Recipes are not needed to actually perform tasks, but providing a step-by-step process in creating items.

Creating a Recipe Item

Unlike Craft Items, Recipe Items are automatically generated from Recipes. You cannot make the item yourself. (i.e. Create an "*.item" file for recipes.) As such you will have to rely on Recipe files to create Recipe Items.

Spawning in a Recipe Item

The following can be used to spawn in a recipe;

  "kind": "staxel.item.Recipe",
  "recipe": ""

Both properties must be included and non-blank (i.e. It must have something inside of the quotes ""). The "kind" property has to be "staxel.item.Recipe" for the game to recognise it is a Recipe Item. The "recipe" is the code of the Recipe in which you want to give to the player. And that is all.

Example Input: {"kind": "staxel.item.Recipe", "recipe": ""}