How to use the oven

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The oven is currently used for all cooking and baking, and is still in an unfinished state.

How to use the oven

To open and close the oven, right click near the base of the oven.

To cook with the oven, place a valid cooking container (pot of water, baking sheet, cake pan, etc) on or in the oven. If the container contains ingredients for a valid recipe or ingredients are added to make a valid recipe, the oven will sprout a fire effect and cooking will begin. Once the cooking is complete the result of recipe will replace the reagents.

Recipes may be viewed in the in game journal.


If the oven does not seem to be cooking, the recipe is invalid. Currently it may be difficult to tell what ingredients lie in your container. In order to try again, left click the container on a garbage bin (square blue bin) to remove the container's ingredients, then re-fill the container with valid ingredients.