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Category:Component Modding are all optional properties that can be added to any file. Components are useful in extending the original files with even more information, such as the cost of the item or whether the block can be broken by a weapon.

On this page, we go over the Broom component, signified by the following;

"broom": {

Broom components are used by brooms in order to change some properties of how they work. Mainly changing how they push items.

When and How to use

Broom Components are used alongside Broom Items and give the necessary information in order to adjust how the broom works.

To create this Component you would use the following;

"broom": {
  "sweepRadius": 1.5,
  "usageDistance": 3.0,
  "pushVelocity": 7.0

Any of these properties can be removed in order to give the default values. #"sweepRadius" determines how large the area of effect will be. #"usageDistance" determines how far away from the character that the broom can be used. #"pushVelocity" determines how much force will be used to push the items.

Config Options

All config options must be inside the body of;

"broom": {
  =Config Here=


Valid options (Float): A decimal number.

Default Value: If not specified, will default to 7.0.

This is how much force will go into pushing the item.


Valid options (Float): A positive decimal number.

Default Value: If not specified, will default to 1.5.

This is the radius of the sphere that the game will use to search for items. A unit of 1 is a single block.