Using the cinematic camera

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Staxel has a camera built right in. This can be used to take some really nice and smooth cinematic shots. Remember, press 'i' on your keyboard to hide the UI. Don't want any of that pesky UI ruining your awesome shots!

Listed here are the commands needed to use the camera. Type the commands in message box (Press 'enter' on your keyboard and the message box will pop up).



This creates the first or any additional points on the camera path. When playing the camera path the camera will move to each point in the same order you captured them in.

/cameraSave shot_name

This command saves the shot so that it can be loaded another time. shot_name must be replaced with whatever you want to name the shot. You will use this name to load the camera later.

/cameraLoad shot_name

This command loads a previously saved camera path. Replace shot_name with the name of the camera path you want to load. Make sure to remember/write down the names of all the shots you've saved!

/cameraPlay 1 true

This command plays the currently loaded shot. The 1 is how many seconds the camera must take to move from one point to another. "true" means that the camera will loop, replace it with "false" if you don't want the camera to loop.