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This page lists the update notes for Staxel, sourced from Steam announcements.

Staxel 1.4.43

2020-04-10 (2000419b)[1]

This is a minor update to fix a rare but critical issue.

  • Fixed a case where a world would infinitely load due to world file not ending properly
  • Fixed some internal
  • Fixed some of Eris' lines not having a dialogue tag.
  • Fixed Seed maker giving goldenberries for strawberries.
  • Fixed Seed maker always giving 3 strawberries.
  • Fixed Construction Hat removing caith tails.
  • Fixed issue with an issue with connecting to a heavily modded server.

Staxel 1.4.30


This is a small update to fix some bugs found since the Arcade Update. (1.2.29)

  • Fixed an error that could occur when the postman failed to find a grocery store
  • Fixed another crash caused by an empty name in character generator.
  • Scythe has been sped up a tiny bit.
  • Fixed the offsetted Princess Dress model.
  • Fixed an issue where the controller could select nothing on the recipe screen. (And cause an internal crash.)
  • Fixed some cases where Cirahna would get stuck with no Dialogue when trying to check for mailboxes.

Staxel 1.4.29, the Arcade Update

2019-04-22 (190422a)

"Take a trip back to the most excellent golden age of arcade gaming with the all new Arcade Mini-Games available in Staxel! After you've had the local video game enthusiast twist your arm to build them a sterling Arcade, simply interact with one of the normal Arcade Machines to gain access to the new mini-games. They come in three flavours, reflecting the playstyle of early arcade games, but we'll let you discover those for yourself. We hope you enjoy!" -- Bartwe

  • The arcade machine now contains 3 games.
  • The game now allows the user to add their own modded minigames to the Arcade Machine.
  • You can now edit mail by left clicking on the Mail Counter.
  • Candy prices have been lowered.
  • Villagers will always show when an item is unlocked.
  • Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 are now bindable.
  • Mouse buttons can now be double clicked to sprint. (If bound to movement.)
  • Magnifying glass now unlocks items you look at.
  • Stray Cat can now be spawned again if it goes missing. (By talking to Rosemary.)
  • Stray Cat should also avoid being taken if the quest is already complete, or not started by the player talking.
  • Eris will try to go to Daily quests more often.
  • Cirahna will give items again if they go missing.
  • Growth Time of the giant mushroom has been lowered to 1 day per visual change. (Down from 2.)
  • Wedding gifts can be sold, and are no longer quest items.
  • Barn sign is now sold with the rest of animal furniture once the barn quest is complete.
  • Players can now buy water from the callum was here catalogue, as long as they purchase it with starbits first.
  • Allow Mushroom walls to be searched for. (Will now also unlock in catalogue.)
  • Max will now remove the giant turnips as well as the seeds.
  • Changes to Max’s Friend quest to improve reliability. (If stuck talking to the villagers, try again and it should continue now.)
  • Watering Can stack size lowered to 1.
  • Watering Can should be used in crafting recipes 100% of the time now.
  • Restrict Lief from liking the upgraded tools, and thus requesting them.
  • Lower the distance required for Signs/Postboxes to be considered “Away From Town” (From 175 blocks away from any town totems to 100 blocks.)

Staxel 1.4.28, the Eggcellent Update

2019-04-18 (190418a)

"Happy Easter everyone! It’s been one week since we launched Staxel and we're so grateful to our amazing community (including all you new players!) for making it happen!

This past week we've been working hard to fix all the pesky bugs that have showed up, and producing some eggcellent new content! That's right, Staxel now has 100% more eggs, of the sweet variety of course. From the 17th to the 24th of April each year, you'll find some colorful eggs popping up around your world! These eggs can be opened by interacting with them, and will give you some tasty treats. That's not all though, we've added some new easter themed accessories to collect from these eggs, but they're pretty rare!

We hope you're all enjoying Staxel and that you have fun with the Easter update! Now hop to it, those eggs won't be around forever!" -- Bartwe

  • Easter Eggs now spawn until the 24th of April.
  • New accessories have been added in celebration of Easter.
  • NPC’s will play an expression when you passed a level of reputation.
  • Reputation needed for each stage have been lowered across the board. (20 → 10, 60 → 40, 120 → 100, 240 → 200)
  • A new reputation level has been added at 1 reputation. Helps identify who you have and haven’t talked to.
  • Tiles in your hand will now appear upright, but transparent when placing.
  • The male personality running animations have been adjusted so items they carry sway to the side, rather than into the camera.
  • Reduced the delay between blocks breaking, when using the charged tools.
  • Buffed the first Axe level to cut down 2 tiles instead of 1.
  • Fixed some clothing items always showing as a coin.
  • Fixed the lucky box dropping the wrong items. It now has 1000+ items it can drop.
  • Fixed the LOD not updating after the lucky box destroys itself.
  • Troughs no longer need Fine Lumber to make them.
  • Trees will always drop a piece of wood per block. However they sell for 2 petals instead of 3.
  • Crafting Lumber and Fine Lumber is now much faster.
  • Added a possible fix to Leif not going to his first quest.
  • Leif will now give recipes for the Post Office items, if they have been lost.
  • Emelia will now give recipes for the Patisserie, if they have been lost.
  • Fixed an error that would occur if you leave the name box, while creating the player, empty.
  • Fixed an issue where the calendar could not close and forced a restart of the game.
  • You will now exit selfie mode when you catch a fish.
  • Basalt and Marble will now drop their respective materials.
  • Farm Fan will enable fishing again, for the lost fishing tools, if the quest is not finished yet.
  • Improved logging of dialogue.
  • Some more items got their names corrected. (Including Cake Cheese → Cheesecake)
  • Cobblestone recipe now accepts both types of sand.
  • Fix some clothing appearing multiple times in creative.
  • Farm Fan’s book no longer counts as a quest item.
  • Slop troughs are now sold in the grocery store.

Staxel 1.4.26

2019-04-15 (190415e)

  • Adjusted the Starbit hitbox to be easier to pick up.
  • Mailbox can now bought in the Grocery store.
  • Post office items are now sold after completing Leif’s first quest.
  • Slop Trough is now sold along with the other Farm Animal items.
  • Version number now only shows on the main menu and pause menu.
  • Fixed clothing not getting unlocked in the shipping catalogue. (Modded and Unmodded.)
  • Fixed being unable to set home after using the teleport button in the menu.
  • More staxel net relays have been added. If you want there is an option under gameplay.
  • Fixed a number of cases in dialogue where the player’s name was not coloured.
  • VR items can now be sold.
  • Allow the License Delivered achievement to be done out of order.
  • Fix a bug which would let Server Owners get the Build Barn Quest too early.
  • Allow Farm Fan to move again, if you completed the barn quest before the tutorial.
  • Farm Fan can now remove extra registration letters from your inventory when they aren’t needed.
  • No longer able to create a world with Impossible Folder names, or using \ or / or |. ( . is also limited.)
  • Aliza can now give extra trough recipes if you don’t have it in your inventory or if you didn’t learn it.
  • Fixed a case where the “Use Staxel Net” option could disappear after exiting edit world menu.
  • Some other minor crash fixes.

Staxel 1.4.25

2019-04-14 (190414c)

  • Pet Food bowl, Trough, Slop Trough and Chicken Feed Area now give more food. (Now 5, 8, 8, 8 helpings respectively.)
  • Added a lot of previous unsearchable items to the creative catalogue. As well as some to shipping catalogue.
  • Shovel will now break blocks even if a tile is above them. Will not break blocks with plants on them however.
  • Fixed Eris' liked items not giving more reputation.
  • Added likes to Farm Fan.
  • Aliza should no longer care if you have the Farm License in your inventory to start the Barn Build quest. (If you previously lost your License here, just talk to Max again to unlock this.)
  • The dialogues for pointing the player towards farm fan should no longer play to people who can't complete the tutorial.
  • Vorlen will now unlock clocks when you try to make the museum for him.
  • Fix a case where the Prince, for Emilia's quests, wouldn't spawn if you went to Eris' castle.
  • Added an extra Prince check to Emilia's Liked quest
  • Fixed Daily quest items showing up in Jamie's fetch quest pool.
  • Fixed some issues with NPC's not spawning at the Airship totem.
  • Added /magicteleportreturn as a cheat command.
  • Made duplicate key exceptions better for Character Designs and Character Outfits.
  • Fixed Morel and Cirahna using 2 scripts at a time, and thus walking away from the player if they interacted with them.
  • Fixed quotations not being escaped in mail, causing a crash when you tried to make mail.
  • Fixed using a decimal point in the petals causing a crash.
  • Increase the amount of starbits spawned on a server by 1 per player on the server.
  • Fixed a crash after expanding a player's rights.
  • Crafting dock Drawables are now more rigorously checked in validation. They also do not spam logs when invalid in game.
  • Can no longer leave the world to increase the number of starbits that drop at night.
  • Fixed an issue with Staxel net, not choosing specific relay servers.
  • Fixed a bunch of models with wrong layernames.
  • Fixed tabbing in content builder.

1.4.24 Staxel Full Release

2019-04-11 (190411a)

"Hey guys

We’ve got quite a big announcement to make today. After just over a year in Early Access on Steam we’ve finally pushed Staxel into full release!

Staxel has reached the point in development where we feel the vision we’ve been working towards has been realised. The farming system has been rounded off. We’ve added progression in terms of villager quests and equipment upgrading. The new characters that we’ve been working on for a while are finally complete and there’s a whole bunch of new features to surprise you while you’re out and about on the Island (including brand new islands to travel to!)

We, the Staxel team just need to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support so far. We never would have made it this point without you, truly. You’ve all been fantastic!

Rest assured we will still be pushing updates for Staxel including fixes for any issues that show up, and (all things going well) we’d love to start working on some of the features that had to be put on the backburner. [...]" -- Badger

  • Fixed some counters having items docked to them float.
  • Fixed Husky pet skins not appearing.
  • Always show animal crates as buyable in store. However to buy them you do need a valid sign.

Staxel 1.4.23 Sapling

2019-04-10 (190410a)

  • Morel will now take spare special mushrooms away from you after her first quest is done.
  • Fixed a case where the Prince and Princess villagers could accidentally skip parts of their dialogue. Added a backup method for those affected by this.
  • Added an extra way to start the Murmur conversation if it failed to fire on Eris' first quest.
  • Fixed some Typos in English item names.
  • Jamie's rival no longer reads books.
  • Replica sword is positioned better in the hand.
  • Eris' final quest island will not allow you to leave unless you finish the dialogue there.
  • A spare starbit was added to Eris' final quest. (Leaving there to be an extra.)
  • Fixed a case causing a grey screen when alt+enter was used.
  • Fixed a grey screen caused by sleeping in a bed, while /stoptime was enabled.
  • Fixed a couple cases where the firework sound was used for teleporting.

Staxel 1.4.21 Sapling

2019-04-09 (190409a)

  • Improved the categorisation of many recipes in the Blueprint menu.
  • Black, Brown and Dark Brown are now normal palette colours. Clothing can be found in these colours.
  • Smoothies now have proper particles.
  • Milk is now drinkable and removes many status effects.
  • The shelves contain shipping items and tools have been split. One shelf only contains the shipping goods, while the other the farm goods.
  • Added a way to force set the Quest Giver of main quests. Use this to categorise Leif and Morel's quests better. (Only affects new journal entries.)
  • Fixed Morel and Cirahna having a case where they would just disappear.
  • Pet follow radius has been increased. Should make pets much more reliable in following you.
  • Added in a backup case in Leif's first quest, which would let you complete the quest, even if done out of order.
  • Fixed the sprinkler making a lot of noise at night transition.
  • Fixed the Roomie Quest and Complete All of a Villager's quests achievements being on the same spot.
  • Fixed movement speed and fishing timeout options not updating on restart.
  • Fixed the female version of the studded jacket showing skin through it.
  • Fixed the pink voxels that would appear on Caith's right hand if certain hats or hairstyles were used.
  • Fixed the player slowing down in mid air, if Walking speed option was below 100%.
  • The Tree village now has its placeholders replaced.
  • You can now teleport from the non-quest islands. This however costs money.
  • Fixed Ren appearing in the wrong outfit on first appearance.

Staxel 1.4.20 Sapling

2019-04-08 (190408a)

  • Players who get an extra locket for Cirahna can now give it to Cirahna again.
  • Fix a crash that resulted in making a mail, with an empty petal count.
  • Added a new potion to remove the current transformation.
  • Added potions and lucky boxes to the daily quest reward pool.
  • Fixed an infinite loop when a NPC is missing in Emilia's quest. (She will just say random dialogue instead.)
  • If you have both the Lucky status and Unlucky status (e.g. Drank a Mug'o'sap), you can no longer lose items due to unluckiness, but gaining items is half the original chance. (5% instead of 10%)
  • Tutorial will now attempt to remove the unlucky status effect, to avoid soft locking at the harvesting step.
  • Lucky and Unlucky will now affect milk and wool.
  • Transformation potion doesn't get used if you are already transformed.
  • Renaming an existing world now allows unicode.
  • Renaming an existing world, will now check to see if the new world name is valid.

Staxel 1.4.19 Sapling

2019-04-07 (190407c)

  • Split the recipes in the Building store onto two shelves.
  • Reduced the requirements to get the Reinforced and Infused tool level recipes.
  • Cirahna and Morel will visit each other on occasion.
  • Morel will occasionally leave her house to go to town.
  • Fix some cases where an invalid world name would be accepted, but the server would then crash.
  • Added a content builder check for "animation" in tiles.
  • Fixed the magic water animation freaking out when you are watering multiple plants.
  • Fixed a cat skin having the wrong layers and thus crashing the game.
  • Fixed a case where the server would crash at night transition if a player, who had mail to come the next morning, left the server.
  • Possibly fixed a couple cases where mouse clicks would stick after entering and leaving UI. (e.g. Teleporting, looking at the calendar.)
  • Don't crash when deleting a world, where a folder doesn't exist.
  • Don't silently crash when buying items with starbits while in creative mode.
  • Fixed another case where a Murmur would disappear if going through dialogue too quickly to a set of options.
  • Lower the time for the first arrival quest from 7 days to 4 days.
  • Fix some cases where $playername; would appear in gift dialogue on non-english languages.
  • The 3rd tier on the Building store should now unlock on the right quest.
  • The shipping station and magnifying glass now shows the nickname instead of the default username.
  • Some blackscreen fixes.
  • Allow Emilia to respawn certain villagers, if they have left already.
  • Reorder the bunny spawn check in Rosemary so that it is hit more often.
  • Made the Leif Friend quest backup trigger more reliable.
  • Fixed the Cirahna Locket not being a quest item. A backup method is provided for those that lost it.

Staxel 1.4.18 Sapling

2019-04-05 (190405a)

  • Night Transition and World loading fixes.
  • Don't crash the client when a font conflict occurs in translation files.
  • Properly center the calendar on resolutions other than 1080p.
  • Updated a number of translations.
  • Fixed a case where the loading screen would hang, if all chunks where empty air.
  • Be more reliable in sending crashlogs if a server is still up by the time reports are sent.
  • Fixed Leif's Acquaintance quest not triggering while Leif is at work.
  • Fixed a couple cases where villagers would path 20000 blocks to go to the festival.
  • Removed grass colouration on the Rough stone pathway.
  • Add a section for the journal to the control hints popup.
  • If a villager tries to path a long distance, they will teleport instead. (Rather than lock the server as they try to path.)

Staxel 1.4.17 Sapling

2019-04-04 (190404a)

  • Display a warning on pre-1.3 worlds to try and get people to move to newer version.
  • Fixed giving the wrong teleporter recipe for Eris' quest. If you are missing it, talk to her and she will give it.
  • Added a check to Riah's quest to give missing recipes.
  • Prefer to choose the home location or the town hall, if failing to find a position to teleport back from Islands. (Instead of in the ground.)
  • Barn quest will now properly complete on old worlds if you talk to Max.
  • Only allow the wandering bunny to be picked up if you are in the right stage in the quest.
  • Added a stricter check to Leif so he doesn't repeat the bunny quiz.
  • Fixed a case where Rosemary's last quest could loop back to the start.
  • Pet shop displays also act as counter tops.
  • Fixed trees not growing with magic water.
  • Fixed the issue allowing you to immediately talk to Farm Fan again during tutorial after finishing dialogue. (Now a 1 sec wait happens like normal.)
  • You are no longer allowed to gift to Farm Fan when you start the tutorial.
  • Fixed sizing on the Can't Set Home notification.
  • Fixed some cases where the wrong sound was being played. (Particularly Rosemary's rabbit.)
  • Lower Animal Jump Height. (To match the height from before gravity change.)
  • Hide some required items on Signs/Postboxes that were only available in a later quest. (e.g. Post office stuff for the grocery.)
  • Lowered Leif's first quest from Liked level to Acquaintance level.
  • Removed the notification for completing a recipe.
  • Fixed some cases where sticky notifications caused hidden errors.
  • You can now sleep for a moment to remove sleepy statuses.
  • You can now drink coffee, which will remove sleepy statuses and give a speed boost.
  • Shop tiles are now unlocked at the start of any world. (All old worlds will unlock these items.)
  • Dropped the price of cookies to match chocolate chip cookies.
  • Changed a bit on how Merchants disappear.

Staxel 1.4



  • A new villager has arrived.
  • 3 old villagers now have friendship quests. (Leif, Jamie and Eris)
  • These villagers also have new gift dialogue.
  • Magic Crafting. Talk to Cirahna after finishing her Liked quest to unlock.
  • Players can now send mail to each other.
  • 1 of 2 postmen can now visit the village after some conditions are met.
  • Some new Side characters to find.
  • Starbits have been added. They add a little colour to the night.
  • VIP Merchants have been added. They offer some more exotic merchandise in exchange for a certain item.
  • A new bi-weekly festival. You might need to start thinking with portals for this one.
  • Magical islands. There are X custom made islands to explore.
  • Buffs and Debuffs. These last throughout the day, going away when you sleep.
  • A new tool. The weed killer. Faster than a scythe but doesn’t give you seeds or petals.
  • Tool upgrades. You can upgrade them to break stronger things and charge further.
  • Town Square Merchants can be picked up and moved, as long as you have a strong enough tool.
  • Added an option to disable tool notifications appearing with right click.
  • Some more clothing to find.
  • New fish and bugs to collect.
  • Added a demote option to the op command.
  • New look for both the collection screen and recipe screens.
  • New blocks to play around with.
  • New block to world generated farms: The calendar.
  • The game will now tell you can’t gain any more reputation for that villager for the day.
  • A new option to change default movement speed.
  • Added the ability to use any language as your world name. No longer restricted to english.


  • Shipping station no longer allows you to find everything.
  • Shipping station is now locked behind Leif’s friendship quest.
  • Seasons last 30 days. Up from 16.
  • Players can stay awake much longer. Be careful about fainting though!
  • Tool charging is faster overall. Spam clicking should no longer be the fastest way to farm.
  • Final charge state is now much stronger for tools with upgrades.
  • Fishing has been reworked. Now a more calming experience.
  • The Watering Can no longer has infinite water. Refill using water block or a sink.
  • Farm Fan no longer stands completely still all day. She’s a bit of a night owl now. (You, or the server owner for servers, will need to talk to her once to get her moving.)
  • Farm Fan prioritises other quests during the Harvest Festival, if you are currently not doing that quest line.
  • The UI for Post boxes and Signs will update as you are looking at it. (Instead of needing to be closed and opened again.)
  • Recipes will now visually show that they have been learnt by changing model and name.
  • Can no longer give items to Villagers who arrive for Festivals and other one time quest npcs. These NPC’s will not show a heart.
  • Villager conversations (Villager to Villager talking) will now appear in the journal.
  • If your inventory is full, any recipes given by NPC’s will be automatically learnt.
  • Some items previously not searchable in creative are now available.
  • UI backplates are now more consistent.
  • Major chunk loading changes. Should notice more consistency.
  • More of the world should generate as you play the game, even if you don’t travel the full island.
  • Charge tool achievement has been split into 2 parts.
  • Villagers that have been told to stay still, should do so even when they have a job.
  • Patisserie now requires an extra set of displays on second level. But these stands now provide delicious looking Pie Stands. (Not for eating.)
  • Gravity has been slightly lowered, items also have ground friction. (You can throw items farther but they don’t slide across the ground as much.)
  • Default throwing strength of items has been increased.
  • Balloons will float in mid air if you break any blocks attached to them.
  • Cirahna’s hitbox while on the ground reflects her more.
  • Can’t gift to Cirahna until after she gets off the ground.
  • Bald people should no longer gain hair while wearing hats.
  • Registration letter is no longer given as part of the items you spawn with, after finishing the tutorial. You now get a shovel instead.
  • Fixed Fossil polisher showing up in the Mechanic’s shop before Vorlen’s museum is done.
  • Fey Mansion now comes with more furniture.
  • You now get out of bed when you leave the night transition screen.
  • Sticky notifications will now go away after night transition.
  • Increased the power of festival tools to much or better tier 2 tools.
  • New sounds for rabbit, some effects and some UI.
  • Lightning is now in stereo. Also lightning will change its apparent distance more regularly.
  • Ignore a mouse down when exiting UI menus. Stops excess placing/using of items.


  • Non server owners can now correctly start the Barn Quest. Fixes issues with Max not accepting items or starting quests.
  • Players can now teleport while sitting down or while they are locked to any other dock.
  • Improvements to how chunk reading is handled.
  • Fixed certain villagers attempting to go home after a single day of arriving.
  • Fixed the bug that showed 2 extra boxes for item mail.
  • Fixed Endash rendering as a Permille symbol.
  • Fixed Rosemary not going to quests if you went past Neutral reputation.
  • Auto pickup items option should now be properly activated/deactivated when you join a new world.
  • Behind the scenes fixes to how chunk loading occurs game wide.
  • Let night transition deal with more farming chunks. Fixes some issues with plants not growing.
  • Sponge should no longer eat itself if there is no room left in the inventory.
  • Fixes to many day checks that explicitly checked for midnight.
  • Fixed a loud hiss in one of the songs.
  • Fixed some underlying issues with rendering the UI.
  • Villagers spawned from a spawner will also hide from the map now.
  • Cirahna not always showing on the map after getting her up.
  • Inventory and Journal can no longer be opened during dialogue.
  • Fixed cases where villagers wouldn’t look at the player while talking.
  • Fixed numerous cases of the wrong model being used when a Caith put on a hat.
  • Fixed some other cases where models where wrong, or majorly clipping through.
  • Fixed a case where the world would be unfinishable as Farm Fan reset a flag. Worlds affect by this should be able to talk to Mayor Max to fix it.
  • Fixed numerous cases where villagers wouldn’t go to daily quests.
  • Fixed Daily quest display in the journal. (They show they are completed. Dialogue fills out more often.
  • Daily quests will attempt to remove quest items from player inventories when they expire.
  • Fixed 1x UI scale not being selectable.
  • Fixed numerous 1 pixel wiggles in the UI.
  • Fixed the mail notification sound happening several times at night.
  • Loot boxes should no longer give more rewards when clicking them, even when open.
  • Fixed effects ending before their sound ended.
  • Villagers will now unequip any item at night, and stop all animations. Less awkward reading while walking.
  • Fixed a case where localhost wouldn’t go to your computer.
  • Fixed some cases where a server would crash without an error being logged if given bad console arguments.


Old mods should remain mostly compatible with the exception of one change. Due to the shipping station not showing everything available to buy at the start, the lucky box will be needed to be used for any mod not updated.

  • The pricing component has had “canBeEarntFromLuckyBox” and “catalogueUnlockedFromStart” added.
  • Added a way to always show a static main verb for items.
  • There is a way to request that a chunk be regenerated now.
  • Lots of minor changes, that shouldn’t break compatibility with old versions.
  • Added a way for festivals to happen multiple times per season.
  • Content Builder now has a utility to find items that can be bought, but don’t appear in any location that would normally allow a player to get them. (Besides in the world.)
  • Dialogue errors should now provide more information overall.
  • It’s now possible to add custom collections and recipe categories.
  • Several error message improvements.
  • Added “tilesToIgnore” to totems which will completely ignore any specified tile.


  1. https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/405710/view/2236542350367686093