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Common Issues And Their Resolutions

Q: Failed to find server executable!

A: This is a common issue with Virus scanners. Follow these steps in order to fix this;

  1. Find out how to make an exception for Staxel in your Virus scanner. We do not recommend turning your Virus Scanner completely off, so exceptions is the next best thing.
  2. The next bit changes depending on which version of the game you are using.
    • If you are using Steam: Head to you Steam Library and find Staxel. Right-Click on the name and click properties. Go to Local Files and then click Verify Integrity of Game Files.
    • if you are using the Standalone Launcher: Open the launcher and click Validate.
  3. Run the game again and see if the issue is fixed.


Q: Game is running slow and it does not seem to be using my GPU.

A: This can be a number of different issues and is usually the fault of a system with two GPU's. (i.e. Laptops) There are generally two different methods of solving this.

The first is finding your graphics card option, and force setting the game to the proper graphics card. The second option, is more of the nuclear way of doing it, and that is turning off any other GPU.

There are multiple tutorials on how to do both floating around on the internet. Here is two that was found:

Q: A premium account is required on this server!

A: You may not have registered on the launcher using the key that came with the Humble Bundle purchase to upgrade your account.  

Q: External component has thrown an Exception!

A: Make sure your speakers are plugged in and working properly.

Q: Screen looks scrambled, zoomed in or stretched!

A: Go to Options > General > Graphics and set the field of view back to “75” (default).

Q: “While unpacking CompressBundle, mismatched hash for ...” error on the standalone launcher!

A: This problem is sometimes encountered due to an antivirus program blocking the installation. Please make sure to add the Staxel directories to the exceptions list in your antivirus' settings.

Q: Staxel has bad performance!

A: Turn down all your settings in Options > General > Graphics and then turning them back on individually to find the highest settings that will run smoothly on your computer. If you’re on a laptop make sure Staxel is using the best graphics card available. To do this, right click on your launcher and select “Run with graphics processor <Your dedicated card>”

Q: Game stops responding when I click play!

A: This problem is sometimes encountered due to an antivirus program blocking Staxel from running. Please make sure to add the Staxel directories to the exceptions list in your antivirus' settings.

Q: "Access to the path "Staxel.Client.exe" is denied." pops up

A: This issue is likely related to having the game running still (or crashed in the background) or a virus scanner holding the file.

Other Issues

Q: "Why are some villagers and players green?"

A: This is a rare issue causing Character Accessories (Player Hair's, Bodies etc) to either not load the colours correctly or display incorrectly. This seems to concern a display that has an incorrect/broken .icc. Try setting any monitor changes back to default. This article may be of use.

Q: "Why does the game minimise when I click in the Menu or when I choose a Dialogue Option?

A: This seems to be another rare issue to do with Steam Overlay and how it interacts with the game. Try performing the following steps to see if it stops happening.

  1. Right click the game in the steam library and select properties.
  2. Uncheck "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game".

This should fix the issue. If you want to keep steam overlay on, an alternative is to switch to windowed mode.

Blocked / Virus

Staxel might get blocked by browsers, Windows smartscreen or virusscanners.

As far as we can tell these issues will go away when Staxel is more popular and gets whitelisted by these products.

To the best of our knowledge Staxel, the launcher and the installer are safe. (Unless you didn't get the files directly from us !)

The installer as scanned by virustotal ( 2015-12-4 ) ( 2015-12-10 ) ( 2015-12-10 )Launcher:


What steam support has to say about antivirus

Known issues

2015-12-4 : Avast blocks the installer. (No notification, installer doesn't show a window, process hangs in the taskmanager)

2015-12-10 : Total 360 thinks the launcher is a trojan.

2017-04-07 : Turning off win10 firewall breaks fonts.

Sites to report files as false positives


If you're running into any problems and can't find any answers, please email or visit either our forum or our discord server for support!