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In Staxel, *.palettegroup files are used to specify a group in which Palettes can be a part of. These groups can then be used on any Accessory or Species.

There are two main reasons for using Palette Groups;

  • It cuts down the number of lines needed in every files.
  • You can add palettes to accessories without needing to change their file. For example, adding a palette to the group, "", will add your palette to all of Staxel's Hairs.

Creating a *.palettegroup file

Creating a palette group is very easy.

  1. Create a text file, and change it's extension to end in .palettegroup
  2. Open the file and add the following;
  "code" : "",
  1. Change the code to suit your needs.

And that is it. You have created a palette group.

Adding Palettes to a Palette Group

To add your own palettes to a palette group, add or edit the following line in the Palette file.

  "groups": [ ""],

You can add more groups by separating each set of " with a comma.

Config Options


Valid options (String): A unique string which identifies what Accessory this is.

Default Value: No default value is specified. Always need to provide your own.

This option is required to uniquely identify any Accessory. This string must be unique to all other codes, but does not have any other requirements.