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Items are fairly broad in their types. Each type has it's own properties and uses.

This page is for items that you would use to give no item to a player, the null item.

Null items are all items that have the following line;

"kind": "staxel.item.Null",

Null items are special items in which they have no data to them. Their express purpose is to be given as an item that does literally nothing and will destroy themselves once getting to the world. They are used often in code, but can also be used whenever an file expects their to be an output. (e.g. Villager Outfits use the null item to specify nothing in that slot.)

Creating a Axe Item

There is no purpose in creating a null item, as it is explicitly specified in code.

Spawning in a Axe Item

Simply state the following to spawn a null item;

  "kind": "staxel.item.Null"