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cd gamedata/bin
cd gamedata/bin
wine Staxel.Server.exe --public=true --name=`hostname -s`
wine Staxel.Server.exe --public=false --name=`hostname -s`

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Rough steps to get the staxel server running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

sudo apt-get install wine

wget launcher.playstaxel.com/updater.zip

unzip updater.zip

mkdir gamedata

wine Staxel.Updater.exe

wget launcher.playstaxel.com/Prerequisites.zip

unzip Prerequisites.zip

cd Prerequisites

wine "msiexec" /passive /norestart /i xnafx40_redist.msi

cd ..

cd gamedata/bin

wine Staxel.Server.exe --public=false --name=`hostname -s`

If you'd like to use the development branch run echo dev > gamedata/branch.txt before running the updater.

You can run Staxel.Updater.exe to update your server to newer versions of staxel.

Staxel.Server.exe has a number of arguments for listing your server.