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Items are fairly broad in their types. Each type has it's own properties and uses.

This page is for items that can be worn, Clothing Items.

Clothing Items are all items that have the following line;

"kind": "staxel.item.Clothing",

Clothing items allow the player to wear new clothes. These items contain the information to swap out models of clothing from the base model.

Creating a Clothing Item

Unlike Craft Items, Clothing Items are automatically generated from Accessories. You cannot make the item yourself. (i.e. Create an "*.item" file for clothing items.) As such you will have to rely on Accessory files to create Clothing Items.

Spawning in a Clothing Item

As it is not possible to create a proper Clothing Item, you can create a clothing item using the following;

  "kind": "staxel.item.Clothing",
  "accessory": "",
  "palette": ""

All 3 properties must be included and both kind and accessory cannot be blank (i.e. It must have something inside of the quotes ""). The "kind" property has to be "staxel.item.Clothing" for the game to recognise it is an article of Clothing. The "accessory" is the code of the Accessory in which you want to spawn. The "palette" property is the code of the Palette you want to apply, you can leave it blank to just have it apply the default palette, but it must still be included. Be sure to only put a palette that can be used for the item, as other palettes will crash the game.

Example Input: {"kind": "staxel.item.Clothing", "accessory": "staxel.accessories.characters.accessories.tiaras.GoldTiara", "palette": ""}